北京NorthTech公司团队提供最优质、最节能、防飓风的建筑门窗产品于海外市场。目前在与易欧思的合作下产品通过了 NAMI、NFRC 和 QAI 的测试和认证,符合北美 NAFS、CSA 和欧洲 CE 质量标准。目前业务已成功覆盖美国、加拿大等北美和欧洲多个国家和地区。客户满意是我们的目标。诚邀您体验高端定制门窗产品。

NorthTech company's team to provide the highest quality, most energy efficient,  impact windows and doors in the overseas market. At present, our products have certified by NAMI, NFRC and QAI under cooperation with eoss,and comply with the quality standards of North American NAFS, CSA, and European CE . Now, our business has  covered the United States, Canada and other North American and European regions successfully. Client's satisfaction is our goal. We invite you to experience our high quality customized windows and doors.

Beijing Office(北京公司)
Contact(联系人): Donna, Nina
WhatsApp: +86 13811102361 Add(地址): No.3 Dongbinhe Road, Xicheng District Beijing, China 100120(中国北京西城区东滨河路3号白孔雀艺术世界)

North American Office(北美公司)
Contact(联系人): Donna, Nina            WhatsApp:+1 7788018069
Add(地址): 1151 GEORGIA ST Vancouver. BC, Canada V6E0B3